Our Fees

We are independent surveyors whose only interest is finding the true source of your damp problems.


We are not contractors or salespeople so have absolutely no vested interest when diagnosing the cause of your problem or any recommended remedial works.


Because of this we do charge a fee for our service.


As a guide line our fees start from £200 for a damp or timber survey and will vary depending on the size, age and location of the property.


Damp and Timber Surveys start from around £300 again depending on age, size and location.


Condensation Reports and Monitoring from £180.


Hourly rate for advice from £70.00


Investigation works involving exposure of building fabric POA


All fees are fully inclusive.


Our reports are lender approved and conducted by an independent PCA surveyor with full RICS membership and are accepted by all mortgage lenders.








We are aware that there are "Damp and Timber Specialists" offering either a free survey or to refund any fee charged against works they undertake.


It is questionable how accurate free advice given by someone who stands to make a healthy profit from alleged remedial works is.


Time and time again we are looking at property diagnosed by "specialist contractors" as having a "failed damp proof course" to find the true source of the problem is something completely different, such as high external ground levels, leaking pipes,
condensation etc


An independent surveyor will find the true source and recommend appropriate, cost effective remedial works but has no vested interest in these works.


As a side note, it is interesting to look at quotes given by some contractors  for installing a retrospective DPC and see a paragraph towards the end that reads something like


"client's builder to lower external ground levels, repair gutters, roofs and flashings, repair pervious brickwork and mortar joints, reseal window and door frames, repair cracked renders and employ condensation reduction measures as necessary"


Most of the time somewhere  within this paragraph hides the real cause of the damp problem!!!