Valuations are carried out to assess the value of a property. They have a great variety of purposes, among the most important being: 

  • sale
  • mortgage finance
  • property development

We have a detailed knowledge of the property market in Bedford and environs, and we are able to provide a very balanced opinion on the market value of the property in question.


Phillips & Co are RICS Registered Valuers and as such are able to offer the following services

Valuation Report

This comprises a brief report on the property and is an assessment

of the value of a property.


It involves a relatively brief inspection of the building, and

a very concise report


It is normally used to provide a valuation for mortgage purposes, but can be used for a variety of other reasons, including taxation,

estate valuation, family issues, etc.


It does not constitute a survey.



Often loosely and incorrectly  called a 'Building Society survey', this is not really a survey at all. The purpose of a mortgage valuation is to assure the bank or building society that the building is good

security for the amount they are lending.


The report will be one or two pages at most, mainly standard paragraphs, and gives no more than a general idea of

the condition of the building.


It is a limited inspection to identify problems that affect the

security of the mortgage lender's loan.


A property can have defects that are critical to a prospective buyer, but are notof concern to the mortgage lender and

therefore will not appear in a valuation report.


It is not a survey.

Help to Buy

We are qualified to undertake valuations to enable release

form the Help to Buy scheme.


We meet the strict requirments of the HTB organisations and

are experienced in these type of valuations.




A professional valuation of the deceased's property assets is required as part of the process to enable probate to be granted.


This is necessary even if the property is to be sold or gifted.


As well as providing the valuation we are able to act on your behalf, if necessary, in any subsequent negotiations with the District Valuer.



It is often necessary to ascribe capital values to residential assets as part of the divorce process.


As well as providing valuation advice, we can represent parties either singly or as a jointly instructed expert in any subsequent hearings.




These valuations are usually required when an employee is moving to another part of the country. The relocation company tries to find the employee a like-for-like property and will instruct a valuer to determine the value of the client's existing home in the
"new" area.



Most mortgage lenders require an indicative figure to be provided as a reinstatement cost to cover their asset in the event of damage or destruction.


Where there is no mortgage involved, the insurance company will need to know the property's reinstatement cost.


This is not the open market value.


With older or non-conventional properties, in particular, valuation is an exacting and complex process.


If you're interested in inquiring about valuations or need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!