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We offer a wide range of surveying services, and we can take care of your surveying requirements if you're buying or selling a property. You'll find that our prices are extremely competitive, especially for the responsive and reliable services we provide.


All surveys are carried out in person by Neil Phillips, a fully qualified Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Types of Survey and Valuation:

All buildings have some defects and require repairs and replacements from time to time to keep them in satisfactory condition.


Roofs, walls, windows, plaster, electrical and heating systems: These and all other part of buildings have limited lives.


We can assist you with clear information about repairs that are required, their cost, timing and priority.


Appreciation of these factors will allow you to negotiate the purchase price and plan for future expenses.



           RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation

A Homebuyer Report ( is a survey done to a standard format

set out by RICS.)


It is most suitable for conventional properties built within the last 150 years, which are in reasonable condition.


The RICS HomeBuyer Report has a crisp, modern appearance and is designed to be easy on the eye as well as simple to read and understand.


Benefits of the HBR to buyers

  • Possibly enable renegotiation of agreed purchase if unknown issues are flagged before legal commitment to purchase 


  • Allows reflective thought and may prevent an expensive mistake being made 


  • If purchase proceeds the buyer has an understanding of the property to assist in its future occupation and enjoyment.


  • Legal status of the buyer remains caveat emptor (let the
         buyer beware)


  • A mortgage valuation is for the lender, it
         is not a survey
    ; the HBR is and it is designed for you


The report aims to help buyers


  • Make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property


  • Make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property


  • Take account of any repairs or replacements the property needs


  • Consider what further advice should be taken on
         board before exchanging contracts


It doesn't detail every aspect of the property, and only focuses on urgent matters needing attention.


It's not usually suitable for properties in need of extensive renovation, or if you're planning major alterations.


                 RICS Home Condition Report

The RICS Condition Report describes the condition of the property, identifies any risks and potential legal issues and highlights any urgent defects. 

It uses simple ‘traffic light’ ratings to clearly identify the condition of the key elements of the property. 
Typically, the lowest priced of the surveys, it is aimed at conventional properties and newer homes.
This is also an excellent survey for a seller to obtain. The report can be used as a tool to show prospective purchasers the condition of a property and can be transferred into a buyers name on completion of a purchase. In other words the survey is carried out well in advance of negotiations over price begin and the sales process commences.

                            Building Survey

A Building Survey is an investigation into, and assessment of, the construction and condition of a building.


It is based on a detailed inspection of the building in as much depth as is possible without damaging the building or contents.


The exact extent and style of the inspection will be the subject of specific agreement with the individual Surveyor. It may include specialist reports (services, drains, etc.).


The report will include guidance on maintenance and remedial works and often a detailed comment on individual defects.


A Building Survey is essential when purchasing period buildings, those with unusual characteristics or of unusualconstruction.


It is equally suitable for modern traditional buildings.


The fee will vary according to the type, size, value and location of the property.


We will always be willing to discuss the level of fees prior to making the inspection and will sometimes make a preliminary inspection to ascertain the extent of the survey prior to quoting a fee.



Valuation (for Mortgage Lender, HTB release or for Private Use)


A valuation is an assessment of the value of a property.


It involves a relatively brief inspection of the building, and

a very concise report.


The level of detail is far less than that involved

in a Homebuyer Survey.


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Buildings Insurance Valuations


Most domestic house insurance policies require that the sum assured is the full rebuilding cost of the property.


It is the responsibility of the insured to get this figure right

and to keep it up to date.


Using the latest BCIS figures we are able to calculate an accurate, regionalised insurance valuation.



                     Damp and Timber Survey

For truly independent advice on damp and timber issues from a surveyor with no vested interest  in recommending unnecessary remedial works.