The Phillips & Co Building Survey


The Building Survey used to be called a Full Structural Survey and is the most detailed of the survey reports offered.


There is no standard form but all Surveyors have developed

their own detailed report format.


Having listened to my clients needs and taken on board their recommendations I have developed the format of my Building Survey to include a thorough and detailed inspection of your intended purchase coupled with a clearly written report.


We have structured our Building Survey to include an accurate description of all elements of the construction of the building combined with clear explanatory digital photographs, technical drawings and detailed floor plans where required.


The report concentrates on serious structural defects and essential repairs and the surveyor will offer a clear and impartial opinion on what is found and will explain how we reach our conclusions.


Our use of colour digital photography will assist in providing a clear interpretation of all defects present.



For ease of reference


Matters for the attention of your solicitor are highlighted in blue text.


Matters of an environmental nature are highlighted in green text.


Matters of an advisory nature are highlighted in purple text


Matters requiring further investigation or advice are highlighted in
orange text.


Matters of an urgent nature are highlighted in red text.


There are also guideline budgets for any essential repairs identified and this may assist you in negotiating the sale and help you plan and prioritise a maintenance and repair


The Phillips Building Survey reports on


  • Serious Structural Defects; defects that
         threaten the stability and safety of the structure


  • Essential Repairs; repairs that require
         attention within six months


  • Guideline Budgets for Serious Defects and
         Essential repairs


  • Advice on the Thermal Efficiency of the


  • Matters for your solicitor


  • Rebuild Costs for Insurance Purposes